Short Films

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Fruity (2021)

director + screenwriter

Commissioned by the BBC and Calling the Shots, funded by Arts Council England. Fruity is a short comedy about a lonely lesbian plagued with thoughts of fruit. 

Broadcasted on BBC Four. BBC Introducing: Women in FIlm.

@fruitythefilm on Instagram.

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Yes Mistress (2020)


Sherry Lever aka Mistress Sofia is a dominatrix from the suburbs of Swindon. We delve into her suburban life and dominatrix life balance, family, female supremacy and more in this short character piece.   

To be distributed by Andrews

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Dana (2019)

director,  screenwriter 

A witch in disguise is out to get her religious husband who is growing in suspicion. 

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Intergalactic Empress Stah Power Girl (2018) 


Director & Producer


Empress Stah, a circus performer who invented the laser buttplug, is ageing in an industry where all the odds are stocked against her. 


Love Motel (2017)

co-directed, screenwriter 

A struggling woman waits for her secret female lover to arrive in a dingy 50s hotel.